ERW Black Steel Pipes factory yuantaiderun
ERW Black Steel Pipes factory yuantaiderun
ERW Black Steel Pipes factory yuantaiderun
ERW Black Steel Pipes factory yuantaiderun
ERW Black Steel Pipes factory yuantaiderun
ERW Black Steel Pipes factory yuantaiderun

Item specifics

0.5- 16 mm
galvanized or black painted or oiled
3-12 meter or On demand customization
Tianjin xin port
oem/odm/obm or not
Delivery time
7-30 days
Payment method
as required
Hollow section: ASTM A500,ASTM A501,EN10219, EN102
Gr.A,Gr.B,Gr.C,S275J0H,S355JR,S355J0H,S355J2H, S23
2-5 Tons



ERW Black Steel Pipes factory yuantaiderun
1. 100% after-sales quality and quantity assurance.
2. Professional sales manager quickly reply within 24 hours.
3. Large Stock for regular sizes.
4. Free sample 20cm high quality.
5. Strong produce capability and capital flow.
6.Small order accepted.
7.Brand name raw material
8.Support OEM ODM OBM
9.20 years manufacturing experience
10.It can manufacture steel pipes of different projects and standards in the world
11.The spot inventory of yuantaiderun is maintained at 200000 tons throughout the year, and the main specifications are as follows:
     20*20*1.0—1000*1000*50mm,20*30*1.0—800*1200*50mm,Φ 219— Φ 1420mm,
12.The black, hot-dip galvanized rectangular pipe and spiral welded pipe made of q195-q460 have an existing capacity of nearly 5 million tons,After the completion of the new base in Tangshan, the total production capacity will reach 10 million tons.

With an annual output of 5 million tons, Yuantai Derun is the largest ERW square pipe, rectangular pipe, hollow pipe, galvanized pipe and spiral welded pipe manufacturer in China. Annual sales reached $15 billion. Yuantai Derun has 59 black ERW pipe production lines, 10 galvanized pipe production lines and 3 spiral welded pipe production lines. Square pipe 20 * 20 * 1mm to 500 * 500 * 40MM, rectangular steel pipe 20 * 30 * 1.2mm to 400 * 600 * 40MM, spiral pipe Ø 219-1420mm can be made of steel grades from Q (s) 195 to Q (s) 345B / gr.a-gr.d. Yuantai Derun can produce square rectangular tubes according to ASTM A500, JIS g3466, en10219, din2240 and as1163. Yuantai Derun has the largest square rectangular tube inventory in China, which can meet the direct purchasing demand of customers.   Welcome everyone to cantact Yuantai Derun,, and Real time connection inspection plant or factory visit!
ERW materials construction black galvanized steel pipe standard specification:

out diameterWall thicknessLength
ERW steel pipe production process flow chart
workshop show
Yuantai people with firm faith are committed to making the world fall in love with made in China. The pure and simple Yuantai spirit has injected a dream temperature into the cold steel.
The original heart does not change
Time can change everything,but time may not change everything,such as the original heart.
Men and women are equal.
Women are no inferior to men.
Consistent persistence has made a category and individual champion unremittingly
Hard work of all posts
The workers worked hard at every post with high enthusiasm
Product detail PK diagram
1.Material raw material
The raw materials for steel pipe manufacturing of the company come from Shougang Group, Baotou Steel Group, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Cangzhou Longgang Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Rongcheng iron and steel, Jinxi iron and steel and other large-scale well-known steel manufacturing enterprises in the world.
The harm of inferior steel strip is very great
The raw materials of low-quality steel coils produced by some small steel mills are fake other steel mills. They are produced in violation of regulations, the composition is unqualified, and the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, which is very harmful.
2.Weld line
The steel pipe welds are tight without potential safety hazards
The steel pipe with tight welds is stronger and less potential safety hazards
Weld cracking
In the process of pipeline installation and construction, weld cracks are often encountered. If they are not found and repaired in time, there will be potential safety hazards
3.Rust or not?
No rusty steel pipe
Yuantai's steel pipe products are subject to strict anti-corrosion treatment and derusting treatment, which makes customers and buyers less worried
Rusty steel pipe products do great harm
Rusty steel pipe products do great harm, which not only affects the service life of steel pipe, but also affects the quality of the whole project
4.Are the dimensions accurate?
Precise size steel pipe
Yuantai's steel pipe dimensions are measured layer by layer and automatically processed by sizing machinery. At the same time, the steel pipe products are also accurately measured manually by the merchandiser, so that the size of each steel pipe is accurate, which saves customers worry and rest assured.
Inaccurate steel pipe
The steel pipe with inaccurate size will not only cause engineering accidents such as pipeline leakage and leakage, but also cause the failure of docking with third-party equipment, delaying the construction period and being unusable.
5.High wind resistance
High windproof steel pipe
The high windproof steel pipe is not only durable and not afraid of wind and rain, but also increases the weather resistance of iron tower and other projects to avoid the damage of the project in windy weather.
Low windproof steel pipe
The low windproof steel pipe basically has no weather resistance. In strong wind weather, it is easy to cause the tower and other engineering equipment to break and collapse, causing safety accidents.
Yuantai's steel pipe products meet the requirements of steel pipes all over the world, and also have authoritative official certification certificates all over the world
Welded C & C-Mn steel pipe-square(SHS) and
The quality of steel pipe meets the requirements of ISO9001
FACTORY PRODUCTION CONTROL CERTIFICATEIn compliance with the requirements of BC1:2012 and theBuilding and Construction Authority,Singapore
This certificate proves that all regulations of Yuantai steel pipe and the performance described in Appendix Za of this standard are up to standard
This certificate proves that all regulations of Yuantai steel pipe and the performance described in Appendix Za of this standard are up to standard
The quality of steel pipe meets the requirements of environmental product declaration
The quality of steel pipe meets the requirements of product health declaration
The quality of steel pipe shall meet the requirements of ISO14001
GB/T 28001-2011(OHSAS 18001:2007)
The quality of steel pipe meets the requirements of occupational health and safety management system certificate
Centennial craftsman star
Yuantaiderun was awarded the enterprise honor of "century craftsman star"
JIS G3466
Yuantaiderun steel pipe products meet the quality and performance requirements of "JIS g3466"
Top 500 private manufacturing enterprises
Yuantaiderun was awarded "top 500 private manufacturing enterprises"
Delivery and logistics